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As someone who comes from a humble middle-class background, I am deeply concerned about the way we are being taken advantage of by various industries. The middle class is often considered the backbone of the economy, yet it seems that drug companies, the health industry, and the food industry do not prioritize our well-being. Affordable and healthy food options are scarce, while cheap and unhealthy options are abundant. Billions of dollars are spent on developing medications to manage diseases like obesity and diabetes, but very little is invested in educating people and promoting healthy habits to prevent these diseases in the first place. It is estimated that the average middle-class person in Australia spends around 8000 AUD per year on chronic disease management throughout their lifetime, which amounts to approximately half a million dollars.

The establishment perpetuates the myth of a wealthy middle-class life filled with possessions and comforts, while we accumulate chronic diseases and struggle with the burden of healthcare costs in our later years. Despite advancements in medicine, increased access to gyms and fitness facilities, and the availability of mental health services, I have witnessed little improvement in people's overall health and living standards during my years as a doctor.

How is it possible for people to become more unhealthy, obese, anxious, and depressed when there are more resources and support available? The answer is simpler than you may think, and I have discovered this truth through my own personal journey and lifestyle choices.  Living a healthy and fulfilling life does not require expensive weight loss diets, exclusive gym memberships, or constant medical interventions. I have developed a comprehensive step-by-step approach called the Millionaire Health Habits, through which I aim to guide you towards living an extraordinary life while also saving millions in the long run. I have been able to reach almost fifty years of age without relying on any medications and feeling better than ever before. My goal is to live a life of excellent mental and physical health, potentially surpassing the age of one hundred.

If you are interested in learning how to live longer, look younger, and avoid wasting money on drugs, special diets, and fitness regimes, I encourage you to heed my advice. Together, we can defy the establishment's agenda and prioritize our own well-being.  Regards, Dr. Prabath

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